How To Buy Tanning Supplies Wholesale

Written by David Kenney

One of the first steps in salon ownership it to find a tanning supplies wholesaler. A wholesaler can provide you with discounted tanning supplies that are used in the day to day operation of a tanning salon. The supplies needed range from tanning beds and tanning booths to tanning lotions and tanning lamps.

As a business owner that is reselling the purchases it's vital to get great pricing and support for your salon. It's often necessary to purchase from several suppliers. One supplier may offer deals that another does not and vice versa. A a result, salon owners may need to spend significant time researching products as well as deals on what they need.

Tanning Buyers Group offers a way for salon owners to achieve a unilateral cost savings by using the service to ensure you have access to all the deals industry wide.

Indoor Tanning Loion is sold by salons. Lotion is known to enhance the tanning results achieved by moisturizing the skin. Tanning lotions also often have specific ingredients known to enhance tanning or to achieve a related enhancement to the tanning result. Companies like Designer Skin, Australian Gold, Devoted Creations, Supre and others produce the best and most popular lines today.

Tanning Salons also need to order tanning lamps on a regular basis. Tanning lamps are viable in a tanning salon setting for roughly 500 hours. This is based more on client satisfaction than end of life. Lamps will often still light-up for 800-1000 hours. But tanners expect results in the given tantime for the tanning bed so when they run at maximum and don't get results a salon owenrs business can be wiped out over a relatively simple to maintain item. Tanning lamps are the lifeblood of the tanning experience.

Tanning lamps are primarily made in two countries Hungary and Gemany. While often sold under a myriad of brandnames the country of origin is the overriding factor when picking your replacement tanning lamps. A 5.0 tanning lamp made in Hungary is going to be identical or nearly so across any private label brand. Common brand names are Eternal Sun, Hereaus, Cosmedico, Wolff and AUVL tanning lamps.

Tanning supplies such as eyewear, sanitizer, pillows, towels and more are also staples for tanning salons as these supplies are used in day to day for client satisfaction and general maintianing of the facility.

How to buy at tanning supplies wholesale at best possible pricing is by contacting several suppliers to establish a baseline discount you can expect for your salon. Once you know where your costs will be you can often turn to industry associations to achieve group buying power that will maximize your discount. Additionally group buying allows salon owners to gain access to nearly every special available regardless of which dealer is offering a special. This way you don't have to spend hours shopping around for best pricing on tanning supplies because someone else is doing it all for you.


Written by David Kenney

Buying Wholesale Tanning Supplies

Wholesale tanning salon supplies like tanning lotions, tanning lamps and tanning beds purchased at the lowest possible price is essential to success. As a salon owner one of the most important aspects of running your salon is having the right tanning equipment and correct retail tanning and supporting supplies to run your tanning salon profitably.


Before you buy wholesale tanning beds, tanning lotions, or tanning lamps for your salon, you need to do some market research. Visit area salons that are successful, and not so successful, and see what differences there are in what they offer to their customers. Often you will see a dramatic difference in the way each tanning salon is run, what it sells, and what services it offers. Take notes of your visit.

Tanning Buyers Group Members can buy tanning lamps, tanning lotions, tanning beds and tanning supplies at industry low prices.

-What tanning lotions brands seem to be selling best for them? 250 max

-What tanning beds do they have and how many of each type?

-What tanning lamps are being used in their equipment?


Salon owners can often find products to sell in their stores by searching for tanning information online, joining tanning buying groups, or using their local library resources.


It can also help by joining industry forums to see what other tanning salon owners are saying or to post a question to helpful tanning salon owners. These are the basics of market research that should be used in combination with tanning salon trade magazines, video training and tanning salon trade shows.


Now that you have done your research and have a familiarity with the tanning salon industry and what wholesale tanning lotions, wholesale tanning beds, and wholesale tanning supplies you may need; you can start your search for the best tanning salon supplier or tanning salon distributor, as well as, tanning bed manufacturer to provide the wholesale tanning services your salon will need. Remember, you may need several wholesale tanning bed manufacturers and wholesale tanning lotion suppliers used in combination to create a complete solution to your needs.

Wholesale Tanning Beds and Tanning Booths

Tanning Bed Manufacturers - Some tanning bed manufacturers will sell their beds at wholesale prices directly to tanning salon owners. If they do, they may sell their tanning beds at a preset price based on the number of tanning beds being purchased at one time. Purchases from the manufacturer will normally include delivery and a warranty against common defects and problems. Tanning bed manufacturers will also arrange for financing and provide proof of clear title.

Tanning Bed Suppliers and Tanning Bed Distributors – Some of the larger tanning bed manufacturers have a network of tanning suppliers or tanning distributors who sell tanning beds to salons for them. To purchase at wholesale tanning bed prices you will need to work closely with the tanning bed supplier or tanning bed distributor to achieve the best price possible. Tanning distributors will offer delivery and warranty support, which is extremely important when buying from tanning bed distributors. Make sure you do market research on the tanning distributor and its reputation prior to making a purchase.


Tanning Buyers Group – Industry buying groups can often provide a way to achieve wholesale tanning bed prices even when a salon is not making a big onetime purchase. A buying group unites it member purchases and uses that volume to validate wholesale tanning bed pricing from a wide range of tanning bed manufacturers, tanning suppliers and tanning distributors. Much like a large chain purchasing for their newest store; a buying group brings volume discounts to smaller salon owners.



Tanning Bed Re-Sellers – This type of sale is most often found on used tanning bed websites and tanning salon forums. Some of these used tanning bed companies are not even incorporated. Any purchase should be done at a major discount versus buying your used tanning beds from a tanning bed manufacturer or tanning bed distributor. Additionally, you will need proof of clear title for any equipment you buy to ensure it is not stolen or bank owned. Make sure you do not pay money upfront prior to delivery and that you inspect and test everything purchased before paying the people delivering the equipment. Before buying wholesale tanning beds from this type of supplier, make sure you completely understand the condition, price and terms of the sale.

Wholesale Tanning Lamps

Tanning lamps for use in tanning bed and tanning booths are normally sold through a tanning distributor or a tanning lamps supplier. There are several major tanning lamp manufacturers. Tanning lamp manufacturers are brands like Lighttech, Sylvania – Osram, and Voltarc. Each has perfected the exact manufacture of tanning booth lamps so that they comply with all federal and state regulations.

Tanning Lamp Manufacturers - Tanning lamp performance is directly tied to the maker of the lamp. Sylvania – Osram are made in Canada and have long been considered the premiere band of low pressure, or tube, tanning bed lamp. The tanning results and quality of their lamps has remained the industry standard for many years. Other tanning lamp brands strive to provide a quality product at a discounted price to compete. Lighttech, for example, are made in Hungary and also offer a high quality lamp that should also be strongly considered for tanning salons that are looking for a high quality lower cost alternative to replace their tanning bed lamps.

tanning lamps imageTanning Distributors and SuppliersTanning suppliers purchase their tanning lamps from the manufacturers during production. Many tanning suppliers own a brandname under which they sell the tanning bed lamps they have purchased. Tanning suppliers sell them to the individual consumers and tanning salons.

Pricing – Getting the best price possible for replacement tanning bed lamps is extremely important. Tanning bed lamp prices vary greatly.

The best way to get low pricing across a range of tanning bed lamps is to join a buyers group or to shop around to multiple tanning lamp suppliers and get price quotes. Just like other tanning salon purchases, the volume of tanning lamps you purchase is reflected in the price you pay. If you have one bed or one salon you will have trouble getting a significant discount on your tanning lamp purchase. The use of a buying group membership can be a great way to reduce costs by leveraging the group purchasing power to your advantage.

Because tanning bed lamps are bulky a tanning lamp distributor needs to have the facilities to stock large quantities of tanning lamps or all types, and be able to ship these large items out using either UPS or other delivery service or send them using LTL (less than truckload). LTL is historically much cheaper than sending lamps box by box via UPS. But to qualify for LTL you need to order 5 cases (120 or more) tanning lamps at one time.

Wholesale Tanning Lotion, Tanning Products and Supplies

Operating a tanning salon means providing the goods and support your customer expects. To achieve the best possible sales results your tanning salon should offer retail indoor tanning lotions, skin care, tanning eyewear, and beauty supplies. Additionally, daily tanning salon operation involves the use of lots of cleaning, maintenance and repair supplies to keep the salon in tip top condition.

Indoor Tanning Lotions - Tanning lotions are offered for retail sale to tanning salon customers to improve tanning results.

miami ink sunscreen stickTanning Products – Salon customers demand a wide range of other tanning products for use in conjunctions with tanning indoors. For example, eyewear must be worn while tanning to protect the tanners eyes.

Tanning Supplies – During the use daily operation a salon will clean the tanning bed after each use. Additional supplies are also used to help repair and maintain the salons look and performance

Choosing a Wholesale Tanning Supplier Once you've located several sources for your wholesale tanning needs evaluate each supplier to see who is the best match to support your salon and provide you with a quality product and quality service.

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