How to Buy Tanning Beds and Tanning Booths

Written by David Kenney

What price to pay for tanning beds is a difficult question to answer. Most salons will overpay for the beds they purchase. How do you know what wholesale tanning bed price is best and how to buy tanning beds and tanning booths and knowing what price to pay is an essential part of salon ownership. Tanning Buyers Group members gain access to lowTo become a viable tanning salon the startup costs of tanning equipment can either make or break your business model. A successful tanning salon starts with a well informed purchase of the right mix of tanning beds and tanning booths along with a sunless application.

The tanning equipment purchased will have a huge impact on your salons long-term success.

Chain salon superstores are now dominating several markets. These chain operators have brought a different business model to the tanning industry. Market domination is theirs by opening large 20 - 30 tanning bed salons that drive out all competition.

To remain viable new salons must have the ability and means to create a superstore. 

Tanning beds and tanning booths are the foundation on which your superstore will be built. New or existing salons need to have a wide range of tanning bed levels and price points to satisfy the largest amount of customers.

Tanning Bed and Tanning Booth Manufacturers

There are fewer tanning bed manufacturers now than ever before. The companies that manufacturer generally produce solid tanning beds that will remain usable for several years and have a lower cost of ownership.

Here is a list of the major manufacturers of tanning beds and tanning booths

  • AUVL / Dr Muller
  • Ergoline
  • ETS
  • Hex
  • Iso Italia
  • KBL
  • Soltron
  • Sportarredo
  • Sun Capsule
  • Tan America
  • Ultrasun
  • UWE

Some other nominal companies produce tanning equipment better suited for home use than commercial quality tanning beds. 

What combination of tanning bed and tanning booths work best

Tanning salons have been around for decades. Virtually every combination has been tried. The large chains all open with a similar methodology. They have a few base tanning beds for price conscious customers. They have lots of mid-high level tanning beds and tanning booths for the average customer that wants great results. They also have a small number of high-end tanning beds for the dedicated regular tanner.

Tanning Levels

Todays salons need a wide range of tanning beds to remain ahead of the competition.

Entry Level Tanning Beds

15 - 20 Minute tantimes

Up to 32 tanning lamp

No facial tanning lamps

Low wattage normally 100 watt tanning lamps

Limited tanning bed results are possible with this type of bed. Great for advertised specials and cost cutting customers

Mid-Range Tanning Beds

15 Minute tantime

Up to 40 tanning lamps

400 watt facial lamps

Low wattage normally 100 watt tanning lamps

Good tanning bed results for the seasonal tanner looking for some color.

Upper Range Tanning Beds

10-12 Minute tantime

Up to 60 tanning lamps

Parabolic high pressure facial tanning lamps

High wattage 160-200 watt tanning lamps

Excellent tanning beds for the regular tanner or customers looking for quick solid results. This style of tanning bed will often have adjustable facial, cooling and misting settings.

Stand Up Tanning Booth

8-10 Minute tantimes

Up to 60 tanning lamps

No facial lamps possible

High wattage 160-250 watt tanning lamps

Standup tanning booths are great for salons with limited space or a high percentage of male tanners. Commonly used in fitness centers and tanning salon superstores to supplement  tanning bed numbers.

High Pressure Tanning Beds

10-20 Minute tantimes

Hybrid or 360 degree high pressure tanning

Complete high pressure canopy lamps

Optional high pressure bench lamps

Very high wattage can reach 2,000 watts in some applications

Ultra high end tanning bed for the serious tanner. Fantastic tanning results are common in this type of tanning bed. Prohibitive cost of ownership makes this tanning bed only for the upper echelon tanning bed with a robust clientele.


Tanning Beds, Lamps and Lotions

Written by David Kenney

Running a successful Tanning Salon means you have access to the right tanning beds, tanning lamps and tanning lotions at the right price.

Silver Bullet Tanning BedTanning Buyers Group members are able to purchase everything their salon needs either directly from the manufacturer or through a wholesale tanning supplier at member pricing.

Tanning Buyers Group members buy equipment and supplies alongside hundreds of member salons.

When members buy tanning lamps, tanning lotions or tanning beds they get a great price well below wholesale tanning prices.

WHY call multiple tanning suppliers to get what wholesale tanning lotions and tanning supplies you need? Tanning Buyers Group member orders are automatically sourced through partner tanning distributors to get you what you need at amazing prices.

Save time and money using the resources of a TBG membership.


Tanning Equipment

Written by David Kenney

Indoor tanning equipment member savings programs. Members are able to order factory direct from many of the top manufacturers of indoor tanning equipment. From High pressure beds and booths to sunless spray equipment to tanning beds, counter and beyond.

Purchasing a piece of equipment is an important part of your continued success.

We have access to special member pricing on Ergoline, UWE, KBL, Sun Capsule and more... Our partnerships with these manufacturers means you get the finest quality equipment for less.

If you need assistance determining what will help enhance your salon please give us a call


Equipment Selection

Written by David Kenney


The tanning equipment purchased will have a huge impact on your salons success. You should begin your research knowing that you are buying a very expensive long-term item. You will want to make sure you buy the right piece or combination for your needs at the right price.

If the salon down the street has the exact same equipment you may find it difficult to gain customers since you offer the same tan. If everything is the same, you will be forced to compete on price or intangibles. When making a final decision you should always keep in mind your need to maintain a point of difference between you and your competition.

Buyers group membership can provide assistance on sourcing of new or upgraded salon equipment. We have special pricing with several manufacturers, which will help reduce your costs.

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