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Salon Website Marketing

Salon Website Marketing is now an important part of the salon advertising landscape. The vast majority of Americans now search the web prior to making purchase decisions.

Salon websites must provide information online so that potential customers can gather basic information about your salon.

Many people will use your salon website as the deciding factor and visit your salon.

The format, content and speed of your salon website is paramount. Slow page load times caused by use of flash or poor page design can hurt your websites results. This is especially true of a salon website where people expect to find out the information they need quickly.

What would you like to see listed on a business website so that you can better understand what they offer you.

  • Location
  • Good and Services Offered
  • Contact Number
  • Pricing Information
  • Store Pictures and Images
  • Instruction and or Informational content
This list provides you with a basis for a good website. There are many other things that can be communicated to potential customers. Additionally, you can setup email newsletters and other regular communications to better inform your current and potential customers of current and planned programs and events at your salon.

How far you go with an online presence depends on your area. An urban setting will require a significant online resource while, in general, more rural areas will require a basic salon website with services offered, store hours, address and phone.

There are several ways to offer a salon website. You can either partner with a group provider for a low cost and 24/7 supported website. Or you can hire a designer and develop a custom website specifically to fill a need.

Both methods will work well. A grouped website will cost less than $100 a year. While a custom website can cost several hundred dollars per year.

Nowadays there are several excellent services that can provide a custom look website for group rates in a supportive environment. A grouped website will allow you to alter and expand your site as need dictates all at low cost. Grouped websites also allow you better control as you are working with many technical support people versus just one custom designer. However, if you have a very specific way you wish your website to present then a designer may be your best option.


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