Salon Marketing Strategies

Written by David Kenney

Running a salon in a competitive market is extremely tough. Getting your message out to potential customers takes time and MONEY.

We have written a series of articles that cover some of the core principals of salon marketing. Developing a strategy that is effective is essential. Marketing your salon can be extremely expensive and yield little result if not properly thought out and executed.

Salon Identity

Print Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing

Website Marketing

Email Marketing

Public Relations

By doing all of the above in combination you can create a program that will ensure your long-term success. Remember that marketing is an ongoing expense. You can't simply advertise once and expect traction. You will need to budget and develop programs that can be sustained and modified or expanded as market conditions require.



Email Marketing

Written by David Kenney

Email Marketing is a low cost, effective way to advertise to salon customers.

As a routine matter your employees should gather Email addresses from salon customers willing to share. This list of Email addresses can be a great way to communicate specials and promotions to your salons customers. 

Emails gathered via your salons website can also help market your salon. If you have a website you may have an Email/newsletter sign-up form online. If your salon website does not offer this you should contact your provider and make sure to have it added asap. This type of added marketing costs less than $20 a year and will pay for itself several times over.

Newsletters - eNewsletters (Email Marketing) are Emails sent to your list on a routine basis to communicate specials and promotions you are offering. Here are some basic rules on Emailing your customers.

  1. Email must be "on point" with a specific message or purpose
  2. Email must be clearly written or visually engaging
  3. Email must comply with anti-spam rules and include an unsubscribe option

Customer Service

Here is one of the best policies I have heard in years.

  • Every customer is asked for an email address when they join
  • Every customer is sent a Thank You for joining note within 24 hours
  • Every customer is sent a 45 day follow-up thanking them for their business
  • Every customer is sent a discount coupon for their birthday 

Seems pretty basic but it works extremely well and it shows you care about your customers.

Important: If your customer list grows beyond 100 people you should consider enlisting an Email service provider to manage your list and better control new sign-ups and deletions. Managing large Email lists can be very time consuming. 


Public Relations

Written by David Kenney

Public Relations is really the way you present your company to others in the community in a grass roots way.

Salons are generally smaller retailers and a key social center for a given community. People will see their neighbors and friends coming and going at your salon. Your salon, no matter how big the town your live in, becomes part of the fabric.

Customer service at all times is the obvious first topic. Keep your employees fresh and make sure they are pleasant and understand the duties they are to undertake. Eliminate those that reflect poorly on your business identity.

Community relations is also important. Perhaps there are street fairs or other community events you can display at or represent.

Sponsorship programs are another great way to tie into the community and show your support to those that support you. Sponsorship can range from helping the local girls softball team buy uniforms to donating employees to the community blood drive. A connected and socially responsible business will find a net gain by getting involved.


Direct Marketing

Written by David Kenney

Direct marketing covers a wide range of advertising methods.

To name a few

  • Mail
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Marriage Mailer
  • Regional Radio
  • Regional TV
  • Phone

That is a lot of options and these choices are also the most expensive means to communicate with your customer. This entire range of marketing is location based.

While generally direct mail is the most effective marketing technique of any kind, it is also true that in some locations other methods will cost less and work better.

Ultimately the results can be gleaned by speaking with area business owners that have already tried these methods. Consult with people that actually track results and have a concrete means to determine how well each one worked.

Use unique coding on the various programs launched and make sure you minimize the overlap of programs so that accurate results can be determined once the advertising has run it cycle.

Seek to repeat the methods that impact your business and do not repeat ones that are unsuccessful

Make sure that the program offered is attractive enough to elicit a response from those that read your ad.

If you have run the same ad several times and see a drop in results it is past the time when the program should be altered.


Print Marketing

Written by David Kenney

Salon Print marketing encompasses items like business cards, instore signage, brochures, and other printed materials that are used to engage and inform your existing and potential customers.

Salons often enjoy significant customer referrals and instore traffic. You need to capture some of that volume using print marketing because it does not require direct interaction with the potential customer. 

Business cards on the counter - Nothing could be easier or less expensive. No salon should be without a stack of business cards on their counter. We all know from our own lives that we will often pickup a card and either find it at a later date or give it to someone else that might need it.This gets your name, business phone and address out in a viral way. Your cards will pass from here to there. Be left on tables and collected by others. Kept in a purse until someone else is given the card.

Informational Brochures - These counter or reception area fliers are also extremely effective. You can quickly communicate your services, store hours, and pricing. While inexpensive, these fliers provide a way for you to communicate with customers that have limited time when they first visit, are unlikely to communicate with others, are given a copy of a brochure by others.

InStore Signage - Another method to communicate services offered, specials, programs, advise, and information in a quick way. This type of marketing has proven to be extremely effective. Print up signs that are rotated regularly and are placed in each room, bathroom and vanity area to create awareness.


Business Identity

Written by David Kenney

Salons should put considerable thought into their salons name and logo. Definining what you stand for and what services you offer in a standard form that is seen in everything you do marketing your salons creates a uniformity and identity to your business. Business Identity through naming and logo presentation is the first step toward a successful business.

An identifiable name with a clear association to the services offered creates an immediate connect for potential customers.

The value of association can not be understated. To overcome a lack of clarity or association can be extremely expensive. Companies like Amazon have created an identity at extreme cost. Name and logo selection that enable folks to automatically understand what you offer breaks down barriers and removes doubt.

Once your name and logo are established they must be used consistently throughout your business. As time passes your business will develop its own business identity. Your business name and logo will reinforce the image ad identity that you have developed.


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