Salon Consulting

Salon Business Consulting for tanning, hair, and nail salons

Written by David Kenney

If you are considering entering the health and Beauty sector you will need to have the tools to survive in a highly competitve marketplace.

With over 30 years of retail experience we can help you eliminate some of the roadblocks to a successful launch and/or acquisition. If you have an existing business and want ideas or strategies that will enable you to grow your business you should consider hiring a professional consultant to advise you on your new or expanding venture.

Our services are not a crazy expense. You could get a basic business analysis done for a couple hundred dollars. For a more expansive consultation it may cost more. But we are an impartial consultancy. We are not paid by suppliers to steer you a specific direction, and yet we have large scale purchasing power that may save you more than any consulting fees you would incur.

It is difficult to keep a fresh eye on your business and understand the cold reality of your current or planned business model. Bouncing your plans off skilled professionals can easily pay for itself.

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