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How Does Tanning Buyers Group Work?

Written by David Kenney

Buying tanning supplies below wholesale, from Tanning Buyers Group, helps salons keep their purchases of wholesale tanning salon supplies like tanning lamps, tanning lotions, tanning beds, and other core costs down.


Indoor Tanning Buyers Group (TBG) researches and negotiGirl On Balconyates best possible pricing on tanning lamps, tanning beds, tanning lotions, office supplies, print services, email services, web development, and more.

Using the buying power of TBG membership, tanning salons purchase wholesale tanning lotions, tanning beds and tanning lamps needed to run their business. Members get their supplies from many of major tanning suppliers and manufacturers. Members get all the same products non-members get but MEMBERS PAY A LOT LESS.


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Creating Value For Our Members

Written by David Kenney

Tanning Buyers Group (TBG) has an over-riding mission to create value for our members.

Since 2005 our membership has grown. As tanning salons find a more and more competitive marketplace the need for cost savings has become a necessity. Tanning Buyers Group was started with the belief that salons buying together could reduce cost and negotiate better deals with wholesale tanning suppliers.

signup_block_membership_copyNow 6 years later TBG has altered the marketplace for every salon owner and supplier. TBG became the first online wholesale tanning supplier. TBG's online systems remain the industry leader with an ease of use that allows tanning salon owners the ability to order at any time of day or night.

TBG has also managed to expand its brand reach to emcompass all of the tanning industries manafacturers by either direct ship to salon or via tanning wholesaler to salon. This expanded reach continues to improve the value of TBG membership and it allows our members to get everything they need from one online source at fantastic prices.

Here is a example list of all the brands we currently offer to our members.

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Tanning Buyers Group Free Lotion Promotion

Written by David Kenney


Please check our homepage for new offers. All eleigible member accounts will recieve their promo packs within 2-3 weeks from date of qualifying order.

Approved new members will receive a free promo pack of assorted Supre tanning and lotion products.

Membership is FREE and allows member salons to save versus non-member salons. To apply for membership you must agree to our membership policies found HERE. Apply Today.

To better understand what the Tanning Buyers Group is all about please read this article HERE.

*New member must be approved as a valid US retailer of tanning services. Pre-pack will automatically be sent after new members first order that qualifies for FREE shipping.


Tanning Buyers Group Membership Information

Tanning Buyers Group Members save over $2,000 per year using TBG member discounts on tanning lotions, tanning lamps, tanning equipment, email services, website services, video and printing services, and much more.

Tanning Buyers Group member salons remain at the leading edge of supply pricing and fullfilment.

tbg_network_240It is nearly impossible for small business owners to stay ahead of market changes.

TBG has national account status with essential suppliers of goods and services INSIDE and OUTSIDE the industry. Creating a melting pot of price pressure that benefits our membership.

We prepared this quick Q and A so that most of your questions can be answered fast;

Who can join Tanning Buyers Group?

Tanning Buyers Group membership is ONLY for United States based salons that offer tanning services to their clients. Every salon is verified before their salons membership is approved.

How can Tanning Buyers Group save my salon money?

Tanning Buyers Group combines the massive buying power of hundreds of member salons. As a result TBG has smashed price barriers and gotten all of our single and small multi salon owners low pricing like the big guys get.

OK sounds interesting but what's the catch?

No catch. Really! As a Tanning Buyers Group member you can order as often as you would like. There are no purchase requirements of any kind.

Do TBG members have access to all the major brands or tanning lotion, lamps and equipment?

Our members have access to all the brands they want. Period. You can check out our partner suppliers page for more detail on the many suppliers we have partnerships with. But even that gets out of date fast. We are expanding very very fast. You need it? We will get it for you.

How do I place orders?

Online, Phone, Fax.

Tanning Buyers Group launched the FIRST industry ECommerce order system in 2004. That system is continously upgraded and remains our most popular order method for members. It is secure 24/7/365 and is very easy to use. Members can also phone in orders. Have us call for orders. Or use a fax machine .

Can I still use my current rep?

In some cases you may need to switch and work with one of our partner suppliers. But that is not exactly a negative. TBG has partnered with most of the largest suppliers in the industry so we probably already work with your favorite supplier. Additionally, TBG has dedicated account reps at every supplier and those people have been carefully choosen to provide the best possible experience. We prefer you use these folks because we know they are great people and they make very few mistakes. So, in most cases, we can dramatically improve your supplier relationship.

Can I choose who fills the order?

Absolutely! Online you select your supplier from a list, you can have TBG's order system source the order for you automatically or you can call that supplier directly.

Are my purchases eligible for manufacturer programs and specials?

Yes they are. We ONLY partner with manufacturer authorized suppliers. So there is no conflict. Manufacturers want salons to buy their products from legitimate suppliers. TBG only partners with approved suppliers. TBG actively works with all the major manufacturers to ensure best results and service.

Do you fill out all the rebate and or cashback paperwork for us?

No we do not. What we do is ensure the "runs" or invoice history for your salon is forwarded at the proper time to the proper manufacturer. We also provide the documents you need to fill out as a open download here on the site.

Beyond that you would need to gather your qualifying advertisement and ad invoices and mail them along with your completed application to the manufacturer in question. It really is all about gathering information that only you have. For us to oversee the process would take time and staff. For a fee we can do it for you if you just don't want to deal with it.


If you have additional questions feel free to contact us here.

Want to read some testimonials? Read them here.

TBG membership strengthens the group’s individual members. Pooling each member’s purchase, with hundreds of independent and small chain salons, members are able to achieve larger discounts than stand-alone salons.

“We at the buyers group believe the industry is well on its way toward the completion of an evolution. In fact, TBG is a result of what I saw forming over the past few years. Larger chains are in many major markets and pushing hard. These companies bring a new way of doing business to the entire industry. Manufacturing & Distribution is also changing rapidly from smaller family run businesses to large corporations. Change brings great opportunity for growth. There are many fantastic locations to open a successful tanning salon and many ways to make more money in existing salons. The buyers group is designed to assist salon owners. We can help members develop a more profitable business by lowering costs and providing information that may prove critical to your success. If you can roll with the market and learn from others mistakes you can excel in today’s marketplace.” -David Kenney, Founder of TBG


Written by David Kenney

Here are some comments from some of our member salons.


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