Fiesta Sun Tanning Lotion

Written by David Kenney

Fiesta Sun Tanning Lotions by Performance Brands is a well known line in most tanning salons. Fiesta Sun is best known for its full line of "tini" products which feature wonderful fragrance and great tanning results.

Pear Berry Tini Moisturizer

Written by David Kenney

pear berry tini moisturizerPear Berry Tini - By Fiesta Sun® Lusciously Fruity, Smooth and Silky Moisturizer with Age Defying Enhancers Drench your body with pure, uninhibited richness that leaves your skin sensual, soft and silky smooth.

Designed to restore your skin’s natural moisture, Pear Berry Tini’s anti-aging and skin firming formula with a hint of bronzer helps visibly improve your skin’s texture and suppleness.

Infused with natural plant extracts, vitamins A & E, Collagen and Silk Amino Acids that nourish your skin along with L-Tyrosine and Erythrulose to help extend the life of your tan! PEAR BERRY TINI™ - The Healthy Skin Care Cocktail… Everyday! 20 oz Bottle


Raspberry Twist Tini Tanning Lotion

Written by David Kenney

raspberry twist tini tanning lotionRaspberry Twist Tini - by Fiesta Sun® tanning lotion. Dual Silicone Quadruple Bronzing and Tanning Cocktail.

This magically delicious dual silicone emulsion is the latest advancement in tanning and skin care. The soft supple feel after each use is actually a moisture lock barrier that helps keep the necessary vitamins and botanical extracts working, 24 hours of continuous skin care benefits and moisturizing keeps your skin looking its very best.

Advanced quadruple stain and streak-free bronzing blend coupled with its patented accelerating complex gives you the immediate skin tone, rich coloration and natural glow that you’d expect after each tanning session.

Unique skin firming, anti-aging lotion fortified with ample doses of Extract Virgin Olive Oil,natures finest moisturizer,drenches your skins thirst for more.


Need 4 Speed Tanning Lotion

Written by David Kenney

need for speed tanning lotionNeed 4 Speed - By Fiesta Sun® Lightning Fast 4X Accelerators with 5 Bronzers & Caffeine Ladies and Gentleman, start your ENGINES! Put your Tanning pedal to the metal, take the checkered flag and enjoy your place in the winners circle.

It’s time to ease yourself into this 4X. Tanning Accelerator combined with the speed of Caffeine to give your skin NRG and 5X Bronzers to give you a Stain and Streak-Free experience that lasts and lasts.

Super Modified Moisturization from natural extracts and Vitamins A, C and E with exotic botanicals mixed with natural oils silkening your skins feel and aura. NEED 4 SPEED™– Your Satiable Appetite Are For Things EXTREME. 13 oz Bottle


Liquid Hemp tanning Lotion by Fiesta Sun

Written by David Kenney

Liquid Hemp Tanning LotionLiquid Hemp By Fiesta Sun® Insanity Ensues with this Herbolic Bronze Tanning Tonic.

Put your state of mind and tan in the realm of certain possibilities with this ultimately dark tanning blend. Your skin trip begins with a softer, healthier, darker tone while your mind drifts away into total peace and tranquility.

Unique, hydro-based formula features our exclusive 420 stain and streak-free bronzing blend maxed out with triple strength accelerators, Hemp Seed oil and vitamins A, C & E for the darkest tan. LIQUID HEMP™…Is Something Like This Even Legal? Shake & Bake Formula.

8 oz Bottle

Half Baked Indoor Tanning Lotion by Fiesta Sun

Written by David Kenney

Half Baked Tanning LotionHalf Baked tanning lotion By Fiesta Sun® Bake yourself until golden brown with this revolutionary Hemp infused tanning formula designed for the most demanding tanner.

Your power trip begins immediately after application with it’s exclusive fast tan accelerating complex blended with precise skin tingling oxidizers and rich moisturizers for the deepest, darkest tan imaginable.

HALF BAKED™…T.H.C. Drug Free, But Don’t Let That Stop You! Shake & Bake Formula.

8 oz Bottle

Too Twisted Indoor Tanning Lotion

Written by David Kenney

too twisted tanning lotionToo Twisted tanning lotion By Fiesta Sun® Twist up your tan beyond belief with this radically designed tingle-free, dark tanning lotion loaded with natural Hemp Seed oil.

Unique, hydro-based formula features our exclusive fast tan accelerating complex with added vitamins A, C & E along with rich moisturizers that guaranteed to satisfy your wildest cravings for the darkest tan.

TOO TWISTED™…Don’t Get Paranoid with the Results - The Tan is For Real! Shake & Bake Formula.

8 oz Bottle

Platinum Tini by Fiesta Sun Tanning Lotions

Written by David Kenney

platinum tini tanning lotionPlatinum Tini tanning lotion By Fiesta Sun® Leave your Enticements behind for the new color of Temptation.

Enriched, genuinely Dark bronzers enthrall your body unlocking the keys to extreme bronze color and untamed tanning potential. Plus, the added benefits of the anti-aging and skin firming ingredients will leave your skin looking and feeling years younger.

Nourish your skin with a variety of vitamins designed to protect against damaging free radicals. Infused Kola, Licorice and Grape Seed extracts will help rejuvenate and pure Extra Virgin Olive oil to keep your skin look and feel silky soft

PLATINUM TINI™… Make way for the light to uncover your darker side.

12.5 oz Bottle

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