AUVL Tanning Lamps

AUVL Tanning Lamps and High Pressure Tanning Lamps

Written by David Kenney

Tanning Buyers Group is proud to offer AUVL tanning lamps to members at great member pricing.

AUVL high and low pressure sun tanning lamps are more than just a complementary addition to the tanning industry. You’ll find a complete product line of optimally adjusted sun tanning lamps for facial and whole-body tanning equipment that suits all your needs and exceeds your customers’ expectations.
The auvl line was developed for today’s professional tanning market that requires superior performance and excellent value for the dollar to stay ahead of the competition. This also means to be constantly monitoring market trends for new and technical developments. As such, our auvl product line is always a work in progress, implementing innovative lamp technologies and complying with the specific requirements of a market very much on the move.

Let’s face it; the tanning power of even the most recent state-of-the-art sunbed depends very much on the performance of the UV-lamps it uses. The quality of the sunlamp truly determines the efficiency of all tanning systems, customer satisfaction and ultimately your salon’s success. It is critical to choose the right tanning lamps to complement the tanning systems you use in your salon.

But what makes a lamp the right lamp for you to choose? There are objective technical standards which define the quality of a lamp but the final evaluation is made by the consumer. And for the end-user a good lamp is one which fulfills, maybe even exceeds, expectations.

The high and low pressure sunlamp range by AUVL was designed with your customers’ satisfaction in mind offering a great variety of choices. The result is a very special product line for the use in professional tanning salons that require superior performance and reliability but also an excellent value for the money.


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